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Monday, February 26, 2007

Destroying the Evidence

Ten or more years ago, I guess most people shrugged their shoulders at something that’s really been annoying me lately because it was still pretty cheap to send a letter—even large envelopes.

But today, considering how much higher the cost of a stamp is, I want to know when we American citizens are going finally have enough of the lame practice of sticking “undeliverable” labels directly on top of the original address label of a letter so that we customers can, oh I don’t know, actually freakin’ SEE the address so we can correct it? They actually have to use these megalomaniacal labels that cling so hard to what they’re stuck to, whatever is underneath is ripped up and destroyed if you try to peel up the undeliverable notice label.

I’ll tell you what I think. My money says that idiot postal carriers (and many of them are) somehow dorked up the delivery and the USPS knows it happens all the time, so they don’t want to face the potential cost of having to re-send probably hundreds or thousands of letters every day at their cost when a customer sees that the address was correct.

I wonder what would happen if I put duplicate labels on a letter: one in the normal place and one toward the bottom.

C’mon people. Government is supposed to be meeting our needs. Yeah, that’s a pretty laughable thing to say for a lot of circumstances that are beyond most people’s ability to comprehend, but even someone who didn’t finish high school can understand that it makes no sense to destroy the very part of a letter that would help prove whether or not the address was truly an undeliverable address.

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