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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can You Advertise Too Much?

I had to drive from Orlando up near Gainesville Monday morning. While on the Turnpike and for a little while on I-75, I passed billboard after billboard advertising a company (no, I won’t link it or name it) advertising that it’s looking for people to sell timeshares, implying that they had buyers. All well and good, but there were—I kid you not—dozens upon dozens of duplicate billboards with this message. Seriously. I’d often see four or five, one right after another, probably no more than 50 yards apart. Both sides of the road…for miles!

The thing that’s got me thinking—more so than the fact that the repetition succeeded in my memorization of the company name—is whether or not I’d want to patronize a business that was apparently so financially well off that they could buy up all those billboards. Regardless whether they got them cheap, my sensation is that they spent a fortune on them all, thus I’d be thinking about why they were using my money for that much advertising instead of spending it on researching a better sale of my timeshare?

Not that I have a timeshare…I’m only sayin’.

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