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Friday, December 29, 2006

Negative Scans, Fourth and Final Chapter

The job has finally been completed. Final cost was not the six dollars I previously mentioned, but $15. The reason was that the original employees were mistaken that somewhere around 120 photos would go on one CD. Naturally, they’d fit, but the system doesn’t allow it. I was told this morning that 40 was the max, though I ended up with CDs that had between 30 and 35. Either way, it was going to require five CDs to contain what ultimately was 170 shots. I suppose I’m not complaining. In some ways, I feel like the drama I endured for this project should’ve warranted me a discount. But seriously, even $15 for 170 negative scans is dirt cheap. Other places I checked wanted a dollar per scan! Ouch!

So, this afternoon, I copied all the photos off the CD and reorganized them into the order currently on my photo album. Yeah, the negatives weren’t in any kind of good order, so I had to spend a lot of time dragging thumbnails around, comparing to my original album.

Over the weekend, I’m planning to upload the shots and transfer the captions from the old album, then swap them out so you can enjoy the larger-size photos. As a bonus, there are a couple shots I chose, for some reason, not to include in the original album. Since they were part of the batch of scans, they’ll be in the mix this time. So at last I’ll have this project presented the way I’ve always wanted it—nine years after the trip!

If I get ambitious over the weekend, I’ll do the same thing to my Northwest U.S. photo album, but it shouldn’t take nearly as long since I already have CDs for those images which are already essentially in the proper order.

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