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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cheap Negative Scanning Follow Up

For anyone who read my earlier entry about scanning negatives at CVS and are just itching to know if the cheap price was actually true—I’m happy to report that it is.

In spite of the tale I’m about to reveal, I still would recommend using this service.

I returned home from holiday and stopped by CVS on the following evening to get my discs. No dice. They hadn’t been done. A hand-written sticky note on my bag revealed the store’s CD burner was malfunctioning.

Did they call me so I could ask a friend to transplant the negatives to the next CVS a mile or two away, or simply send them to that store themselves? Of course not. They let them sit in the bin for more than a week until I returned.

So I took them to the other store myself. The employee reported their equipment was fine, and I went on my way.

Upon returning tonight, I picked up my discs, came home, and popped one into the computer. Mind you, there ended up being a bit more than 180 shots. I didn’t know the distribution across the two discs (which CVS informed me would hold 120 maximum). The first disc I put in had 21 shots. The next had nine.

Thirty shots, out of more than 180!

Sigh. So I’m back in the car for the trek down to the slightly less convenient CVS location where the employee, curious about my sudden return, put the discs in her machine and verified my plight. Bless her heart, that was probably almost two hours worth of work that she did all over again tonight. I told her I was sorry she’d have to do it again, but…well, you know.

If I don’t post another entry on this subject, then you can assume that I picked up replacement CDs on Thursday night and they contained all of my photos—end of book. If not, keep a watch out for chapter three, here on The Second Initial!

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