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Saturday, December 23, 2006

900 Psyche Out

Ha! When Bryan posted a comment to the previous entry, I noticed in the e-mail notification that the entry’s ID number was 900. I had this brief, giddy little though of being 100 entries away from reaching 1,000.

But, I’m not quite there yet. This entry makes 892. I keep forgetting that there are nine entries that I deleted. But Movable Type entry IDs don’t get recycled.

No worries, you didn’t “lose” any of my past entries. I used to have the practice of adding “—UPDATED” to an entry’s headline if I changed it. But then I realized that since my entries are indexed individually, changing the headline also changed the filename of the HTML, so I ended up with a new file with a new ID number. At some point, I stopped that practice and removed the redundant HTML files.

So anyway, if my average holds up, I’ll reach 1,000 entries probably late summer 2007. How should I celebrate?

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