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Monday, November 13, 2006

Don’t Buy It Twice

This is a extremely Good Idea™…

Mac Rumors: iTunes Album Credit for Singles

A CNet blog claims that Apple is working with labels to provide more incentive for customers to purchase full albums—or at least not penalize them for buying singles ahead of time.

At present, if you purchase an iTunes single ($.99), and then later purchase the full album ($9.99), you are double paying for that single ($10.98). According to their sources, CNet states that in the future iTunes customers may get credit for any singles previously purchased when buying a full album.

“In the interest of more consumer-friendly transactions, that makes some sense,” McGuire said. “In the end that’s dependent on whether I see value in those other eight songs.”

[Mac Rumors]

I can think of several albums where I’ve bought a track or two, here or there, and later decided I wouldn’t mind having the whole album. Sometimes, it takes hearing all of one or two tracks instead of just 30 seconds of all the tracks to decide whether to buy the album.

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