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Monday, October 2, 2006

Either Something Is Very Fishy, or Blaine Is a Helluva Magician!

I was getting ready to say that I have no words for this, but I’m typing this blog entry, so I obviously have words.

I buy 20-pack spindles of Verbatim Double Layer DVD recordable discs that are inkjet printable. They’re used to copy just under three hours worth of programs that are produced by my office and make available for sale. I’ve probably purchased at least five of these 20-packs and am about ready to buy two or three more.

So today, I was running a batch of copies in my tower duplicator, and one of the discs spit out with a “not blank disc” error.

Hmm, maybe I had previously burned it with our program and it accidentally got back on the spindle with other blanks. But to be safe, I stuck it in my computer to check it.

Good thing I did. What I found was not the programs we had produced. Instead, I found a copy of David Blaine: Fearless!

I mean, a completely intact dupe, including those standard copyright/do not duplicate warnings you see on commercial DVDs!

Yes, the original container of the recordable media was shrink-wrapped. I had no reason be believe it had been tampered with. I can’t be completely positive, but I’m also fairly sure this surprise disc was not on the top or bottom of the spindle. Also, the inkjet surface was still completely blank, like all the others.

This has got to be one of the strangest things I’ve encountered in recent memory.

Now, I really am not concerned about the loss of one disc, but should I be letting Verbatim know about this? What about the online e-tailer from where I bought the discs?

Maybe Blaine is a far better magician than anyone gives him credit for being!

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