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Sunday, October 15, 2006


I seem to be moving right along with meeting fellow ATPM staff in person.

First, there was Ellyn who is related to someone I know here in Florida. She was visiting and we connected briefly.

Then there was Chris with whom I spent an afternoon/evening while attending a convention in Dallas.

Today, just shy of being exactly two years since my visit to the phischbowl, I very much enjoyed an extended lunch at Crisper’s with Wes. The fact that he’ll be apparently living in O-Town for at least another year means that there’s a good chance will connect several more times in the coming months.

Ain’t it so cool being part of a web-based community of people with a shared vision (ATPM), comprised of people from around the country and around the world, and periodically be able to meet face-to-face? Makes the internet feel not so much like a huge, vast expanse, doesn’t it?

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