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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anniversaries On the Home Front

Since I’m on the topic of blog anniversaries, maybe this will serve as a reminder for the two dates that I’ve been neglecting. I seem to have made a blog note about the first anniversary on both counts, but none since.

They’ve already passed for this year, so perhaps from now on I’ll remember them starting in 2007.

The dates to which I’m referring are January 26 which marks my overall blogging anniversary (approaching four years this coming January), and March 1 which is The Second Initial’s anniversary, currently making it about 2½ years old.

For a brief moment, I thought that since I’m coming up on the four-year mark for blogging, it means Chris hasn’t been blogging much longer than I have. I am, of course, completely wrong. It’s only retrophisch that celebrates four years. His blog’s former incarnation, digitalpembroke, became a blog (and version 2.0 of that domain) back in August of 2000!

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