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Monday, September 18, 2006

Today’s “Thank You”

Most emergency vehicles, as you probably know, are now being fitted with encrypted devices that ping upcoming traffic signals to turn them green for the direction they’re going. Every time I’ve observed this, it generally always causes me to miss my turn at a light. Not that I’m complaining—I think these devices are a very good thing for emergency vehicles to have and I’m sure it has reduced the number of problems they’ve had getting through red lights.

Today, though, driving home in pretty icky traffic, two ambulances collectively gave me a huge favor. They were spaced out just enough that they prematurely tripped the red light cycle twice in a row. Thus, it was like the traffic going my direction (opposite the ambulances) got three back-to-back green lights in a row. Turned out, I sailed right through that intersection which I usually have to wait through two or three light cycles.

I sort of feel bad for the traffic that was waiting in both directions of the road I was crossing.

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