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Friday, September 29, 2006

Six-legged Konstanzian Horses

Hi from New ZealandI had the oppurtunity to visit Knostanz and have a photo of a 6 legged horse but can NOT find any information on why it has 6 leggs, or why the horse is there.. Can U help me please.

(As always, idiot comments I share here are 100% sic—and 1,000% sick.)

So help me, if one more person posts a comment like this, I’m gonna drive to their house and beat them over the head with a ream of paper—every sheet printed with their idiotic comment.

Look, just because a computer-related web site offers desktop wallpaper photos every month on various topics, and a particular month’s location (Konstanz, in the case of this comment) turns up in a Google search, it doesn’t mean anyone on staff or even the person who submitted the photos are experts on the location. I can take some pictures of a linear particle accelerator that might even be artistically creative and visually appealing. Doesn’t mean I can tell you squat about how it works.

The moral of this story, just because a web page mentions a word or phrase does not make that site the de facto location to ask questions about that topic. I don’t expect to get (at least, I better not!) any questions here about particle accelerators. Likewise, don’t be asking about six-legged horses in Konstanz just because you found some pictures from there.

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