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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Remembering From Whenst We Came

It’s official. Using Adobe InDesign is practically second nature to me now. I honestly have no idea when the last time was I dabbled with PageMaker, but I’m certain it’s been more than a year. But InDesign has been my layout tool for so long now, I’ve actually begun forgetting how some things are done in PageMaker. Clearly, the theory that once you learn to ride a bike you’ll always be able to ride a bike does not apply to what you remember of software applications. Just today, someone who’s still using PageMaker in our building asked me for help on masking a photo and using curved corners. I knew it could be done but for the life of me I couldn’t recall the steps. Even sitting down at her machine, it took a few rounds of trial and error to figure out I first had to create the object that would be doing the masking (in this case, a keyline that matched the dimensions of the photo—except I had to remember that the keyline function was in the Plug-ins menu, and then remember to ungroup it from the photo). Then, define the rounded corner effect she wanted, then define what type of line, then select both the keyline and the photo and select the Mask command. Yeesh! And to think I did all that on a regular basis “back in the day.”

Update: yes, I just capped the M’s in PageMaker. Could’ve sworn I remember hubbub about it being lower case, but a search for legacy PageMaker splash screens proved me wrong.

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