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Friday, September 1, 2006

InDesign Feature Idea

I’ve no clue how many readers here, like me, use Adobe InDesign with any frequency. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to go about submitting a feature idea.

I’d be pretty handy if text block objects could be set up with definable-style rules (lines) in the gutter between columns of text. Obviously, this means it would only be active for text blocks that have two or more columns. But for it to be truly useful, it would need to be smart enough to not create a rule unless there was text on both sides of the gutter. In this way, if a photograph is placed over a text block with word wrapping and one side against the edge of a column, there would be no rule between the side of the photo and the neighboring column of text. However, the rule would pick up again below where text wraps beneath the photo, neighboring to the other text column.

I know, it’s difficult to describe in words, so here’s a mock-up image:


For this particular publication, I have to create boxes the same color as the background and position them in the gutters to manually mask the rules which are currently located on the master page, running the entire height, top to bottom, of the main body margin area. Things like photo captions, as you can see here, are also set to the background color to hide the lines from running vertically through those captions.

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