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Monday, August 28, 2006

Shopping Lessons Learned

Okay, big tip for the next time I go grocery shopping. Do not settle for an alternate product choice when what you’re completely accustomed to is not available.

I suppose I should know better than to pick up some groceries on a Monday when most everything is gone from the past weekend. And I should’ve realized this in the very first aisle when I went to grab what would have been the first item in the cart—V8 Splash Kiwi Strawberry. Totally out. “No biggie” I thought. I’ll just pop in later in the week on my way home from work.

It only got worse. Not due to being out of stock, but because I didn’t pay attention, I accidentally grabbed a package of light bologna instead of regular. ICK!!! (Yes, I occasionally eat bologna sammiches. Sue me.)

Later, I went for bread. My favorite Autumn Grain Honey Wheat was nowhere to be found, but it seemed pretty safe that Country Hearth Honey Wheat would be acceptable. Unfortunately, it was tonight that I discovered not only light bologna is gross, Country Hearth bread isn’t a whole lot better.

I guess the morning will reveal whether the new cereal bars I bought are any good. I love Smart Start cereal, so I assume these cereal bars will be pretty good. With my luck with today’s shopping spree, however, they’ll probably be bland or something.

Update: *sigh* They’re not awful, but the cereal bars aren’t quite as tasty as I’d hoped.

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i hear ya, brother!!! i had the same horrible thing happen to me with totinos pizza rolls!!! this is a great blog!!! good to see some brains on the web!!!! good job!!!!! peace!!!!!

» Posted by gormley
August 29, 2006 05:36 PM

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