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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Planning Ahead

I’d been lamenting and putting off the task of connecting a borrowed Mac mini to my system at home for not wanting to climb behind the desk to run cables. But my perceived agony was only that—perceived.

Some time ago, I upgraded from a 2-port KVM to a 4-port so that I could switch between my laptop, my photo/iTunes server, and an old PC that is used for nothing else but syncing maps into my Garmin GPS.

I had one port left on the KVM. Apparently in a brief moment of clairvoyant clarity, I must’ve decided to go ahead and connect the fourth combined VGA/USB cable and wrap it up beside the KVM. I’d forgotten this until just a while ago when I went searching for the fourth cable.

Consequently, all I had to do was set the mini on my desk, uncoil the other end of the VGA/USB bundle, plug them into the mini, connect the power cord, and I was done.

Sure, this makes sense to you, but for me to have had the foresight to pre-connect the fourth KVM cable for just this sort of purpose is something extraordinary!

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