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Friday, August 25, 2006

Getting Back Into the Swing

Tonight I was perusing archives from my former blog and realized something—I blogged a lot more frequently when I first started. Maybe the notion of “Daily Tales and Punditry” motivated me to try and put something up every day, but the very first week of the blog’s existence, i posted twenty-two entries!

I’d like to be more prolific here, but have often just not felt sufficiently inspired. I want to change that. With luck, I’ll get on here at least daily, but please let me know if I’m blabbering on about crap that no one cares about just for the sake of having an entry for that day!

So let’s see, what would be of interest today? Oh, how about a question: any recommendations for webcam software? Preferably free or very low shareware. I’d played with Evocam before, but had issues and I never registered it. Maybe it’s fixed now, but my “trial” has long expired so I can’t test it any more. Maybe someone knows where the relevant data is stored so I can zap it and try again.

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