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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Consequences of Tightwad Tendencies

My condo complex has 160 units (four per building, 40 buildings). The association recently solicited votes by mail as to whether the association or the residents would be responsible for the appearance and maintenance of the garage doors. It seems enough people got the association board’s attention that it should be covered under our association fees.

Unfortunately, only 31 unit households returned votes. A letter I received today didn’t specify the ratio, but even if all 31 had voted for the association to be responsible, it would not have passed because it was indicated that abstaining from the vote would translate to leaving the policy as is—the unit owner being responsible.

Thus, between now and February 28, I and every other owner must cough up about 350 bucks because the association management is requiring all garage doors to be brought up to new condition—all because lazy, procrastinating dolts in this community either never bothered to mail in their votes, or they didn’t want to encourage the association to raise the monthly fees which, by the way, are extremely low ($160) considering that they cover building insurance, outside general maintenance, landscaping, etc.


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