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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Any Health Inspectors Out There?

Wendy’s restaurant. Highway 436 near Hunt Club.

Don’t go in there!!

I kid you not—it was bad enough that four or five large flies were buzzing around the register, I glanced over to where this store has one of those blueish UV lamps on the wall to kill insects, and dozens of flies were on the ceiling above it, almost as if they were taunting the zapper. I mean dozens!!

As I turned to leave (no way I was going to eat in there) I also noted two kids (the only ones in the dining room) with no parental supervision. My guess is that they belonged to one of the workers who had no where else to leave them. The little girl had a salt shaker and was gleefully sprinkling large amounts of salt on a windowsill, then blowing it off onto the floor.

It wasn’t until I was nearly to the door that an employee came out to “take my order.” I said nothing and kept walking out.

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