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Thursday, June 22, 2006

ZDNet Is Cool

This could very nearly have been a rant entry, but has instead become another example of how being polite almost always works to your benefit.

If Tanner hadn’t pointed me to an article on, I’d have never even known about this. It seems, a marketing division of ZDNet somehow acquired a copy of a photo I took of the US Capitol building back in 2000. The article I was shown used a thumbnail of the photo to go along with a link to an article about ‘net neutrality on—a ZDNet affiliate.

I didn’t expect to make a lot of headway after calls to ZDNet’s advertising office plopped me in someone’s voice mail, but turns out that voice mail belonged to the business technology portfolio VP who, bless the phone receptionist, was exactly the right person for the particular spot where the photo turned up. (Even though it was a story, ZDNet’s internal team was responsible for acquiring a photo to go with the ad link.)

The long and short of it is, he completely agreed that while some could possibly argue otherwise, it was way too similar for him to be comfortable leaving it up and even wanted to send me compensation for the time it had already been used—albeit in the form of various gift cards so as to avoid a complicated accounts payable process, to which I said I was fine to grant continued use and, if possible, include a tiny credit. I’ve seen such microscopic-yet-accommodating copyright lines on photos.

It’s nice to know that ZDNet’s popularity hasn’t gotten to the administrators’ heads!

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