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Thursday, June 29, 2006

You’ve Got Deletion

Haha, this is absolutely hilarious. So apparently, the “mark as spam” links on YouTube comments aren’t to blame for the mass comment deletion from which so many popular YouTubers have been suffering.

It seems some dude wrote a program that was supposed to help a user remove a batch of their own comments quickly instead of the laborious process that YouTube prescribes for deleting comments one at a time.

But it also seems that this dude’s program worked on anyone’s comments! LOL

Obviously, the guy has since pulled the application from distribution, but scads of people already have it, so now it’s up to YouTube to patch the service so the application doesn’t work any more. Even though the program’s author contacted YouTube to let them know (and apologize, hoping not to get his ass dragged to court), you have to wonder how pissed YouTube staff are at this guy. Or maybe not, since he sort of discovered a security hole in their service and reported it—sort of.

This YouTuber does a little better job of explaining all this. Just skip past the first little bit of her parading her new David Bowie t-shirt.

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