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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Book of Dupe

An anecdote:

In the beginning, my office acquired a Bravo.

And the Bravo usually functioned well; but when it jammed, darkness was upon my face. And the manifestation of my annoyance moved upon the drop chute of the Bravo.

And after a few years, I said, “Maybe we should be using one of these and one of those, instead.”

And finally, I saw both of those things, and it was good; and I diverted the Bravo to the abyss in wait of someone who wished to buy it.

I should probably stop there before someone flames me for sacrilege—probably too late.

Seriously, though, today I copied and printed 20 DVDs in the time it usually took the Bravo to do maybe four or five. Sure, the Bravo could queue up 50 at a time and theoretically run them unattended, whereas I have to be around and swap out all 11 bays of the tower duplicator after each run, but I generally always had to be near the Bravo during its run anyway because discs constantly jammed in the drop chute. If you ask me, the design of those things is flawed. The chute isn’t steep enough, and I don’t think any amount of brand-new Teflon® stripping is ever going to make a difference.

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