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Friday, June 16, 2006

Digital Camera Possibly For Sale

Update: I’ve finally done it—I’m setting up my very first eBay listing. (Sorry, RSS readers. I’ll stop updating this entry. :-p )

I haven’t firmly decided yet, but there’s a good chance I’d like to put up my I’ve got an Olympus C-5050 for sale. I know a minimum amount I think I’d want to get for it, but that amount may be lower than going rates I’ve found online.

To aid your decision to respond, here’s the skinny on the thing: I judge it to be in very good condition. It uses four AA batteries. I have two sets of NiMH batteries, but both sets have been well used and you’d probably be best off acquiring new batteries. Included with the camera would be the original 32mb xD picture card as well as a 256mb card and a six-slot xD card caddy. There’s also the original (and fairly thin) NiMH charger (I may even be willing to include my bigger charger that does the job faster), the video output cable, and the USB cable. I also have a pretty decent Lowepro case that can hold the camera, the slender charger, and a few other small items. The original manual would be included and, last but not least, an IR remote that shipped with the camera and has never been used.

If your interest is piqued and you have an idea what you think this is worth, drop me a note by e-mail. The domain (after the @) is, of course, Just put camera4sale in front of the @.

No one has chimed in yet, but I’ve decided I actually do want to sell it. As for what this model camera is worth, I checked average final selling prices on eBay as well as Amazon prices for new, used, and refurbished cameras matching this model. And remember, those listings probably don’t include the 256mb card or carrying case. This should give a fairly good ball park.

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