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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Skype Has Redeemed Itself

Considering I was quick on the draw to blog about perceived lunacy on Skype’s part concerning the free call offer, I must be equally quick to point out that the staff, in my eye, have completely redeemed themselves.

I typed out the details as an update to the prior entry, so please check there if you want the full scoop. As a summary, the extra money I spent to continue talking the other night was refunded, and the balance I had in Skype prior to the free offer was restored.

Since I choose not to change blog entry headlines after I’ve posted them (for purposes of not breaking links—the headline becomes part of that entry’s URL), I felt compelled to create this follow-up entry with a headline conveying what I feel and refuting the prior headline that Skype is screwing people.

If you’re following this saga at all (and not just my version of it), do check out the prior entry’s updates.

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