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Friday, May 5, 2006

Huge Developments In Prime Time Television

Holy crap, I’m going nuts over these season endings.

Warning, warning. Danger, Will Robinson!

There are major spoilers after the jump. Don’t say I did not warn you. If you are not caught up on your television viewing, hold off reading this entry. I’m not even going to say which shows until after the jump.

Spoilers ahead…

I’m referring to Lost and Ghost Whisperer. Yes, I watch Ghost Whisperer. The premise has absolutely no bearing on my beliefs but I like the stories and, let’s face facts: JLH. Do I really have to explain?

I’ll get that latter show aside first. Killing off Aisha Tyler’s character, Andrea—who’s a major character—is just…wow. But the way it was treated was…wow! She’s dead in the entire second half of the finale and the viewer doesn’t really know it until the final scene. Okay, maybe someone astute would have picked it up, but I didn’t.

Yeah, I realize there’s a “well duh!” factor in the show I’m talking about here, but c’mon, as someone who knew about Melinda’s “gift,” it is hard to see her go after just one season.

Admittedly, after the reveal and the end of the show, I went back and re-watched all the scenes Andrea was in. Amazing how obvious it was—being ignored, never touching anything, etc.—when I knew she had died.

No, I’m not going to say how. Go watch the show.

Moving on to Lost. I completely did not see that coming. Okay, everyone had their suspicions that Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros might be written out of the show after their DUI incident and Michelle’s reported brazen attitude on the set. But producers led us astray because there were interviews that claimed were, in fact, no immediate plans to write them out. So much for that!

But then Harold Perrineau’s character apparently taking his own life, too? Let’s get this straight: Lost has iced three major characters, one late-addition major character, and one slightly less major character all in the course of two seasons. In addition, Michael’s son—who I’m not sure whether is so major a character but was part of the show from the start—hasn’t been seen except for some visions and flashbacks for virtually the entire second season.

But stay tuned. I have no facts to back this up, but I’ve found comments to other blog posts that claim Libby (Watros’ character) didn’t die. Moreover, we never saw Michael actually fall—it was only somewhat apparent that he turned the gun on himself. To me, it kind of looked more like it was sideways than directly at him. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Am I crazy, or are television producers finally realizing that many of us viewers actually like some meat in our TV shows? We’re not stupid and we don’t have to be strung along with predictable plots. Let us wonder and theorize. Shock the hell out of us by killing three characters. We’re most grateful for a show with an actual plot for a change!

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Hmm — I definitely don’t think we’re supposed to think Michael has shot and killed himself:
- He appeared in the “next week on Lost” teaser
- ABC’s official descriptions for the next few episodes mention him by name
- He seemed to shoot himself in the shoulder.

Why? My theory: He’s trying to set-up a scene so it looks like (Not) Henry Gale somehow shot everyone and got away. This way, the plane survivors will feel motivated to go to war with The Others — getting Walt back.

Or, Michael’s been brainwashed or blackmailed.

Or we’ll get another curveball.

The only sure thing is — I’ll be watching.

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May 6, 2006 09:52 AM

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