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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Wikipedia Meme

No one tagged me with this meme, but I saw it on Tanner’s blog and decided to join in.

Go visit Wikipedia, enter your birthdate (excluding year), and pick three events, two births, and one death that occurred on your birthday.

Update: I suppose it may have been nice if I had mentioned right about here that it’s July 11 for me.




  • 1937 - George Gershwin, American composer (b. 1898)
  • (I could have said Alexander Hamilton, but given that I named him in the first event, above, it seemed best to go with another name.)

Since I wasn’t tagged, and Tanner didn’t tag anyone else, I have no idea how many people are supposed to be tagged. But, for curiosity sake, I wouldn’t mind if Chris T., Chris L., Michael, Jon, and Bryan (this blog) took a stab at it.

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