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Friday, April 28, 2006

The Way People Think

I’m about to ask a rhetorical question, so you don’t have to feel compelled to reply with a comment.

Just what the hell is running through people’s minds who pull stunts like this: at my office, there is a variety of audio/visual equipment that occasionally gets checked out. Generally, anything that goes out is written up on a board with the name and phone number of who took it.

Some months back, our cassette duplicators went out (which, by the way, is one of the few pieces of equipment that normally only go out to a select few groups) but not properly. I was out of the office (sick, or vacation, or something) and someone managed to get into the locked A/V room to retrieve them. They even were returned before I got back to the office—but without the power and data cables. Only the duplicators themselves made it back.

I have been probing around all this time to find out what happened to the cables. It’s pretty well known I don’t check those out to non-office employees and I can’t figure out how such a person would have gotten into the room. But none of the in-office employees have admitted to any knowledge of having used them.

The power cables are the standard dime-a-dozen connectors you usually see on the back of computers, and we have plenty, but the data cables are custom made by Sony and I could not find them for less than $130 bucks a pop. We bought one replacement so we could at least use the master dupe deck and one of the slaves instead of all three slaves.

Well, today, the cables showed up. No note, no eyes laid on who brought them back. They were just on the desk of a coworker upstairs (an office that is one of the ones who frequently reserve the duplicators). Four power cables and three data cables to connect the slaves.

So fine, I’m happy I have a spare data cable now, and even more happy that they original cables were returned.

All I have to say is, it’s probably a damn good thing the person who returned them didn’t identify themselves because someone would have gotten an earful from me.

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Here’s my bet:

Said coworker who frequently uses the machine actually did borrow the machine but forgot entirely about it. In the process, he/she left the cables somewhere and it took some time before someone found them and returned them. Meanwhile, clueless coworker denies ever having seen the borrowed equipment.

Ever notice that a person’s memory capacity is inversely proportional to the amount of stuff they borrow?

» Posted by Queue
April 29, 2006 05:32 AM

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