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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Options For a Podcast’s Corresponding Blog

I’m looking for a software solution and hoping a reader can help me.

I’m part of a group who is preparing to publish audio and video versions of podcasts and we’re experimenting with various methods of automating the steps to publish them for the benefit of others on the A/V team. If it were just me, I could easily create blog entries with links to the items and use Podcast Maker for publishing several different RSS feeds depending on what item to which the visitor wanted to subscribe.

What we’d rather come up with is a blog-like engine that would have two links…one for a video version of the podcast and another for the audio MP3—but just one blog entry for that event. Complicating matters is that we’re just finishing up a separate series with a finite number of lectures that we’d want to post—one entry per lecture—and still have audio and video podcasts, and could conceivably do other separate series in the future. And one more curve is that a bi-monthly newsletter in PDF form would be part of this. Obviously we don’t podcast a PDF file, but there’d still be an RSS feed for it.

So, that’s the blog side. The real trick is that we’d like these entries to drive various RSS feeds. I’d like to see links to RSS feeds for the main series video, the main series audio, as well as both video and audio for any short-run series like they one we’re finishing now. A visitor could choose which RSS feed they wish to subscribe to. There would, of course, also be one for the newsletter.

To make this long story short, is there a simple blog publishing engine that could let someone post an entry and have the media automatically fall in the correct RSS feed? Or, at the very least, have menus in the entry editor to attach a media file to the correct RSS feed at the time the blog entry is published?

If I’m not making sense, but you still think you can help, just contact me and I’ll elaborate.

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