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Monday, April 3, 2006

Just Say “No” To Revision A Hardware

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t go for Revision A hardware. I’ll let all the kinks (or reports of kinks) get worked out and then, if I’m still interested, go for the next round.

Apparently, the MagSafe power connector is proving to be an Achilles Heel for Apple.

» Posted by ALBj at 12:57 AM (ET)
Category: Mac, Musings


Hey look, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Way to be full of crap, Lee.

» Posted by Tom Bridge
April 3, 2006 01:44 AM

Well, just like Shane Anderson who said this after describing all the things he likes about running his Mac and the things he hates about running a PC (admittedly, it was back in the DOS and early Windows days): “I have a computer, not a hobby.” So I take the safe route and use hardware that’s a bit more tried and true. Sosumi! :-p

» Posted by Lee Bennett
April 3, 2006 09:18 AM

I don’t necessarily wait for second versions, but I do wait for reviews by experts on hardware, especially new styles, before putting my faith in them. In this case, I’d say the owner probably wrapped his cord in such a way that leads to this kind of stress. I did something similiar to a well constructed cord after about a year because the power brick was way too heavy for the amount of strain relief, but any more strain relief and it wouldn’t have folded into my backpack easily.

» Posted by Queue
April 4, 2006 08:29 AM

Who say’s they’re still at Revision A hardware? -

» Posted by Tanner Lovelace
April 4, 2006 10:13 AM

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