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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

False Advertising—Sort Of

I received a mailer today from Vongo, a service that offers movie downloads (apparently in a manner that Netflix may soon do).

Strike one, it’s addressed to my mother’s name but at my home address. Huh? How did that happen? She lives in Tampa and had nothing to do (on paper, anyway) with my purchase of a condo last summer. How the heck did they get her name associated with my mailing address?

Strike two, I don’t get Vongo’s normal web site. Since I’m coming in with a Mac, I see “Incompatible OS” and the following message:

While Vongo was designed to work for the Mac OS X platform, Apple has chosen to withhold the necessary license to Apple’s “FairPlay” Digital Rights Management (DRM). Without this software license, we are unable to offer Vongo for Mac users.

Exqueeze me? They’re blaming FairPlay? FairPlay applies to the DRM applied to their iTunes music purchases. What the hell does it have to do with providing movie downloads? Oh, I think I get it…you’re cheap and want to piggyback on a DRM that’s already been created instead of creating your own, Apple naturally said “no,” and now you’re blaming someone else for something that’s due to your own laziness.

Strike three, even though I’m fully aware it’s a Photoshop compositing job, the pictures on the mailer showing a computer running Vongo are all depicting it running on a Titanium PowerBook G4. Very intelligent.

Clearly, I won’t be patronizing Vongo.

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