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Monday, April 3, 2006

A Forest Growing In My Office?

I think a forest is growing in my officeWhile I’ve certainly looked up specific bits of information in these books over the years, no I have not come anywhere close to reading even a fraction of the pages. You’re looking at the complete original (and in very good condition) books and packaging for Final Cut Pro 3; Final Cut Pro 4 with Soundtrack, LiveType, et al; and Final Cut Pro Studio featuring FCP version 5 and adding Motion 2 and DVD Studio Pro 4 into the mix.

The stuff for versions 3 and 4 I’m making available. Andy may set up an eBay auction for them if he can gauge whether there’s much interest (e.g. other auctions of FCP manuals). If so, I’ll update this entry with the auction URL. Otherwise, if you are interested now, chime in with a comment.

P.S. - no, the FCP Studio stuff isn’t part of the batch. I’m only looking to unload 3 and 4.

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I’m amazed at how many companies still deliver hardcopy manuals with their products and have the nerve to scoff at you if you E-Mail them asking for electronic copies. Are they afraid you’ll copy their manuals and pass them around to friends?!

» Posted by Queue
April 4, 2006 08:32 AM

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