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Monday, March 13, 2006

USB 2oot

I’m a little annoyed at Iogear right now—a fact that surprises me because I’ve always been pleased with their products.

Everything about the product literature for their 5-port USB 2.0 PCI card led me to believe it was what I needed. In reality, it appears not enough power is getting to the card. Apple System Profiler sees it, but my keyboard and mouse won’t work when plugged into it and my iPod won’t mount or sync through it.

I’d love some input as to whether there is any USB 2.0 card that will work on my tower which I use as a server. It’s a 450MHz G4. The other two PCI slots are occupied with a display card and an ethernet card (the motherboard ethernet went out some months ago). There are three internal ATA hard drives on the chain plus the DVD-RAM drive Apple used to ship with those machines.

Obviously, I’d love to be able to sync my iPod faster than the 12 megabit USB 1.1 connection I currently have (and no thanks to Apple for dropping FireWire on the new iPods).

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