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Thursday, March 16, 2006

QuickTime Pro, Menu Master, and Everything Else Haxies

I realize a lot of people don’t like Unsanity’s Application Enhancer modules (b.k.a. haxies), and I understand why they don’t like them. I assure you, if I was capable of giving up my addiction to ClearDock, FruitMenu, Menu Master, WindowShade X, and Instant Hijack Server, I would be the next to sign my name to the list of haxieless users.

I bring this up because I wanted to share what I’m sure is one of many small problems with using haxies. I am a QuickTime Pro customer and have been stymied as to why I had access to all Pro features except for calling up a new recording window. To make a long story short, it doesn’t like Menu Master. No problem with other haxies. Fortunately, simply adding QuickTime Player to Menu Master’s exclude list is a workaround. Just as fortunately, I’ve felt no need to reorganize menu shortcuts in QuickTime Player.

Update: I’m not sure why, unless perhaps it was because I had only logged out and back in after installing version 1.3.1 of Menu Master instead of restarting, but the problem is gone. I had added QuickTime Player to Menu Master 1.3’s exclude list but later upgraded to 1.3.1. Today, after having not been able to reproduce the problem at my office, I removed QuickTime Player from the exclude list and everything continued to function properly. But I remain convinced that Menu Master (at least version 1.3) was still the root of the issue. Therefore…

Are there any non-haxie utilities to accomplish similar goals as to what I use haxies for?

  • ClearDock—I really love toning down that gaudy white-ish color of the Dock, but I suppose I really could zap this one. I suppose I just run it anyway since I already use others.
  • FruitMenu—What Apple purist doesn’t want to customize the OS X Apple menu just like we could with OS 9 and earlier? But even more important, I am hooked on FruitMenu’s feature to replace the Application Menu’s spelled-out name with its icon. Saves a lot of menu bar real estate.
  • Menu Master—Face it, some default menu shortcuts are just plain stupid, and other menu items are lacking shortcuts when they are desperately needed. I’m really big on keyboard shortcuts and I could never easily give up Menu Master, in spite of this haxie being the culprit in my QuickTime Pro debacle.
  • WindowShade X—Sometimes, you just want to be able to get a window out of the way for a second without having to mouse all the way over to the Dock to restore it. After ClearDock, this is probably the one I could give up next, but…waaaaa!
  • Instant Hijack Server—Does this one really count? It’s not even made by Unsanity. Rogue Amoeba wrote their own Application Enhancer to go along with Nicecast, an online broadcaster I once reviewed and still use on rare occasion. This haxie allows Nicecast to hijack an application without having to restart it.

So, there’s my list and rationales. If non-haxie alternatives exist, I implore you to chime in and let me know.

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TransparentDock will take care of your Dock modification needs.

I don’t use MenuMaster, so I don’t know exactly what it does, but it seems that, based on your description, most of what you need it for is already handled by the Keyboard and Mouse pref pane in Tiger.

The other three, I don’t have good answers for.


» Posted by Chris
March 18, 2006 02:43 PM

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