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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Comments Temporarily Deactivated

Sorry everyone. I’ve removed the comment script for a few hours, during which time I hope the *expletive*ing moron who is barraging my blog will get the clue and go away.

I just don’t get it. What the **** good does it do to post spam comments that only contain URLs of legitimate sites—e.g. CBS News, Digital Photography Review (I know to be a legit site), several well-known colleges, etc.? There’s clearly no pagerank benefit to the spammer.

To make matters worse, each comment is coming from a large handful of IP addresses. Even if I did spend time compiling a list of them all, it would probably do no good since the IP this idiot is coming from is probably not part of that list. The visible IPs are probably all spoofed and banning them would do no good.

Update: guess it wasn’t long enough. He’s back, and I really am not interested in turning off comments any longer than I did last night—about six hours.

I’ve really gotta get Movable Type upgraded so I can turn on moderation—if I can just get some info on a few things on my current installation that I don’t want to break. Where’s Raena when I need her? :-)

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