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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Assumptions Amuse Me

I fully confess that I am just as guilty of assumptions as the next person.

Nevertheless, when I observe someone else making one that isn’t well-founded, I find myself extremely amused.

I’ve been helping Chris with his tweaked blog design that he should hopefully be unleashing to the public soon. Mind you, I do not think for a second that Chris is a dummy. Quite the contrary. But I’ve perceived that he had the impression if you use a Google search box on your site that you were somewhat stuck with their default layout. Even if he didn’t, I know people whom I’m sure would.

Suffice to say, you can trust me—it’s completely possible to adjust it to look however you want. You can have it not pop search results in a new window (I hate new window links!), you can default it to searching your site instead of the web, and you can even lose the radio buttons completely and set your site as a hidden field, ergo visitors won’t even know it’s a Google search until they actually use it. In fact, you can completely rewrite that section of code (lose the completely unnecessary table that’s in there) and just use the core form and input tags.

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