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Monday, February 20, 2006

Why Aren’t There Any Cars At the Office?

Today’s IotM award goes to…me!

Yes, that’s right. And I’m fully deserving. After a full week of looking forward to the long President’s Day weekend, I got up at my usual time this morning, got a shower, got dressed, and actually drove all the way to the office and, for a few seconds, pondered why there weren’t any cars around the building. It actually occurred to me that since crews have been completely redoing the landscaping at my office, perhaps they’d just asked workers to move out of the way in the front section, but I soon realized there were no cars on the back side, either.

Waiter? One humble pie please. Yes, a whole pie. I’ll be eating it here. Yes, all by myself.

Well, if anything good could come from this, I found out about the Extreme Makeover visit (check my previous blog entry) while listening to the radio during my drive. I likely would never have known otherwise.

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