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Sunday, January 8, 2006

The THX 1138 Island

Over the weekend, one of the cable channels was showing THX 1138. I previously only knew two things about this movie—that it was supposedly the breakthrough first work by George Lucas and that it lent its name to the cinema audio certification standard.

Having now seen the movie, I might have been inclined to very simply write this entry as a big WTF? I say “might have” because, as coincidence would have it, I had just recently watched The Island. So, did I just watch the same movie twice? Let’s look at the ingredients: First, get a big crowd of clueless people. Add one inquisitive-but-clueless person who thinks there’s something else for him, then send him on a big escape to the outside.

Seems like the only difference between the two movies is that The Island had a 21st century budget and technical know-how to pull off more dazzling effects, plus added and extra storyline of sending the escapee back to blow up his prison.

Am I right, or did I completely miss the point of Lucas’ film? If so, I’m back to WTF.

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This movie is easily interpreted. If you’re still interested email me.

» Posted by Steve
February 28, 2006 08:03 PM

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