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Friday, January 6, 2006

Claiming What Isn’t Yours

Since when does ZENcast get to decide what “podcast” stands for?

Quit making crap up, ZENcast scum. Face reality. The word stemmed from the fact that when the concept of RSS/subscription-based delivery of audio content came about, that large majority of people who subscribed to the feeds were using iPods. You’ll find few people who would deny that.

Even Microsoft indirectly acknowledges this. Instead of redefining the word, podcast, at least they had the decency to name it something else—blogcasting. (I actually like that term, but it comes from Microsoft, so it sucks! mua ha ha)

Hmm, upon additional research, it appears that Creative, and not ZENcast, first coined the redefinition of the word. Fine. You both get my IotM award today.

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