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Friday, November 4, 2005

Perceived Competition

Competition? The author thinks Windows Live is going to bring competition? Sorry, but there are a thousand reasons someone might choose Windows over Macintosh, and .Mac competition is not one of them. .Mac isn’t even an enormous selling point of the Macintosh anyway. And even if it was, there is a long list of ways to get similar (and better) features that are Macintosh-compatible.

Besides, unless you look at the Windows Live web page with a newer version of IE on a Windows box, all you see is what looks like a poor rip-off of a Google home page.

.Mac Competition Finally Here

Some of the features may be old wine (in new AJAX) bottle, while other features are still in vaporwave status today, but make no mistake: Microsoft’s Windows Live is going to compete with Apple’s .Mac service.

Apple, wake up. The competition is here. Time to shape up .Mac.


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What you have to watch for with Microsoft, is their ability (legally or illegally) to beat out competition by sheer market share. The more they plug away at each piece, the easier it will be for the majority of computer buyers to buy Windows, and use Microsoft products. No company should let their guard down on any product they are even remotely serious about.

» Posted by Queue
November 7, 2005 08:44 AM

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