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Monday, November 14, 2005

Getting Back To Normal

Admittedly, most people will not give a flying flip about this notice. But for the ones who will—here goes:

Today is officially five months that I’ve been a home (er, condo) owner. It’s taken me this long to finally situate things such that I intend to keep my laptop (which is my primary computer) in my den on the desk more often than out in the living room to be used on my lap. It’s much more comfortable to type at a desk and have my dual-monitor configuration, keyboard, mouse, and PowerMate. It also helps that, for a few weeks now, I have a newer TV in the living room and my old one (which isn’t that bad) is in the den.

Thus, I may be approaching something a little closer to typical internet activity since I could conceivably often be in the living room and only responding to instant message beeps when it’s convenient.

Feel free to hail—just know that I may no longer be just seconds away from responding.

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