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Monday, October 17, 2005

What’s Your Problem?

I don’t fully understand why but, for some reason, I don’t work as hard at keeping my computer virus and spyware free as most people. I’ve never had my computer infected by a virus, and the few spyware apps I’ve picked up, I knew what I was getting into when I downloaded the software they came bundled with. I also had no problem cleaning them off when I was ready to rid myself of them.

I’ve set up automatic updates for nearly everything and I spend very little time making sure everything is okay. My computers boot as fast as the day I installed all my base apps and drivers. I have a server at home that I rarely touch other than to transfer files and print through (its primary purpose) and perform the occasional reboot that Windows may require, but even those have become few and far between. The last two problems I had with any of my computers was a hard drive with a bad sector and an old laptop with a flaky PC Card slot.

Maybe this is why I am not a “frustrated” Windows user willing to jump ship and buy a Mac or Linux-based machine. I have systems that do what I want, are easy to use, and are easily upgradeable and compatible with pretty much any device in existence. And yes, I’ve used a Mac. I think I’ll stick with what I love.

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