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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Getting a Word In, Edgewise

A radio show caller this morning reminded me of something I often put up with during phone calls and visits from people here at my office that burns my butt. If you recognize that you do this—stop it!

Some individuals have developed a habit (and a few probably do it intentionally) of speaking a sentence—it may not even be a long sentence—and enunciating it in such a way that the listener isn’t sure of the end of the sentence. Then, they’ll also sneak in a word or three of their next sentence before taking their needed breath. Even worse was the caller this morning who blurted “ya know” between almost every mid-sentence break. Consequently, this affords the speaker the ability to go on and on and on and on, turning the conversation into a monologue. The listener has absolutely no opportunity to participate without feeling like a jerkass by interrupting.

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