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Friday, September 2, 2005

Now You See It…

I was relieved that I was not in Gulfport, Mississippi, when hurricane Katrina was on its way in. Some of my company’s people were, with the last one getting out on Sunday afternoon. We spent half a day looking at video taken of the beaches trying to get a glimpse of our contractor’s facility that we were using. We never did get to see it, although one of the contractors was able to drive by the facility to find there was no damage to the building. It is located near the airport, about 2 miles inland, so I’m not totally surprised that the devastation didn’t reach it.

However, the hotel we normally stay in on the beach appears to be gone from the aerial video we’ve been seeing. Either that, or it is completely covered by debris. It’s very sobering to have been there beforehand and know that the whole area is essentially wiped out. If I make it back down there, it will be interesting to see how much is rebuilt and how much is simply replaced by something else.

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