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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Admitting the Truth

I was genuinely stunned.

I was on the phone today with the Bright House call center while troubleshooting some cable television and internet connection issues I’m experiencing. I’m fairly sure the problem is with the wiring in the condo and not with the cable line coming into the house. Nonetheless, a technician is scheduled tomorrow evening to confirm this. For the sheer sake of good customer satisfaction, he’ll probably do quick and basic tests of my wiring, as well, and at least let me know if there’s something in the lines that I need to address—even if the technician isn’t permitted to work on wiring that isn’t theirs.

What stunned me was what the gentleman at the call center admitted. “You’re certainly better-educated [in the wiring setup] than I am.”

Of course, I already knew this, but for him to actually say so—unsolicited—was quite amazing. In spite of the admission, he was still very helpful and even managed to arrange for an earlier slot to have the repair technician come out than what originally showed up as available (Monday evening instead of Wednesday evening).

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