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Friday, August 5, 2005

Stupid Music Conglomerates

They’re just bound and determine to suck every drop of enjoyment out of acquiring and listening to the very product that keeps them in business.

Go ahead. Keep pissing us off, and we’ll just see how much money you make when the next “big star” fails to earn you anything because no one wants to pay $20 for a CD or the higher prices for digital downloads.

I hope Apple stands its ground on the pricing structure. I, for one, will stop buying music from iTMS if it ends up about the same price as a CD. I actually prefer having physical CDs—usually. But some albums I may only want a few tracks or don’t care so much about having the CD that I’m happy paying $10 or less for the album. Aside from the “instant gratification,” there’s virtually no incentive to buy music online if it costs the same to get the CD.

And what about Wal-Mart? Are they going to have to raise their prices from 88 cents per song?

Apple to raise iTunes prices in 2006?

Apple may be forced to raise song prices at the iTunes Music Store next year, according to a report…

[MacNN | The Macintosh News Network]

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