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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Safari Keystroke Bug?

Bugs are one thing, but I really loathe bugs that appear in later versions of software when it was working just fine before.

You may know how, in Safari, holding Command and Shift then pressing the left or right cursor keys will move between browser tabs. But there are times, now, when this doesn’t work—often when you load a page and a cursor is pre-positioned in a text entry form field.

For example, go to Google Maps while some other tabs are open. Command-Shift-Arrows won’t work. In fact, if you open a new tab and the cursor is blinking in the URL bar, you can’t use this shortcut, either!

I am, of course, referring to Safari version 2 that came with OS X 10.4. And no, I’ve not yet installed the small update that just got released, but I’m not betting that’ll fix it.

Update: Thanks to Chris’ comment, below, and a bit of MacOSXHints searching, I’ve fashioned a solution, since I do not use the Command-Shift-Arrow shortcut to highlight text in fields.

Just open the Keyboard and Mouse preference pane. Click the + button to add a shortcut. Choose from the list of applications. For the Menu Title field, type in Select Next Tab exactly like that, then click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and hit Command-Shift-Right Arrow. Then repeat, but type Select Previous Tab (again, type it exactly as shown) and use Command-Shift-Left Arrow.

Restart Safari, and you’ll be back to your familiar shortcut.

And by the way, Chris states that Camino doesn’t have this problem, but I’m not sure if he meant Camino never used that shortcut in the first place, or if it ignores the Mac OS default behavior. But I want to say that while coming up with my solution, I learned that the keystroke in Safari had changed to Command { or } to switch tabs. But my mind was too ingrained into using the arrow keys, so I’m glad I could restore it.

» Posted by ALBj at 10:57 PM (ET)
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’s not a bug.

Cmd-shift-arrow is the Mac OS shortcut for “highlight everything from the cursor to the end (or beginning) of the line”.

The alternative behaviour — that is, Safari’s tab-switching shortcut — is actually the bug.

Camino does not have this problem. ;)


» Posted by Chris
August 31, 2005 12:55 AM

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