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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Breathing Room

My G4 tower at the office is undoubtedly feeling a lot better now. I am, in any case.

The machine originally came with an 80gb internal hard drive. It’s been plenty big for 3.5 years, supplemented by some large external FireWire hard drives for video projects. In recent months, however, I’ve had to store larger and larger collections of stuff and I’ve watched as my available space continued to drop…getting below 8 gigs.

So today, I dropped in a second internal drive—120gb—and moved nearly 40gb of data off the smaller drive.

It remains to be seen if the system will feel a bit more responsive overall. The common suggestion is that a minimum 10% of a hard drive’s total available space should be kept free for swap file functions, and I was often dancing on the wrong side of that threshold.

Regardless, it’s still a nice idea to have working data on a drive other than the boot drive.

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