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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Am I the Only One?

If you’ve walked into a Blockbuster Video store recently, you may have noticed that the familiar red (2-day) and blue (week-long) cases aren’t on the walls any more. As confirmed by a branch manager this evening, using the original cases (with the addition of a Blockbuster sticker for inventory purposes) is more cost effective. Another reason is that Blockbuster advocates the opportunity to purchase the DVD you rented.

This is all fine, but there’s a side effect of this that has affected me twice now. I like to scan over the backs of the DVD cases—sometimes even all the copies of that video are out. Granted, Blockbuster does a pretty good job of keeping popular videos in stock, but I’m often after less-popular titles—ones that the store may only have 4-5 copies of, and they’re often all gone.

So tell me, am I probably the only person in the world who’s got a problem with this?

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