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Friday, July 15, 2005

Photo Server Outage

Update: We’re back in business. I even took the time to move the CPU to it’s permanent desk location instead of the floor of the closet where the cable connection comes in. I’m still, however, using my travel router since I the router I chose to buy was much cheaper from Amazon. So, in a few days, there’ll be a brief outage while I install and configure all my ports on the new router.

My photo server is offline until further notice. It would seem that storms that went through the area Thursday afternoon decided to wreak odd havoc. Apparently, the network cards in both the server and my primary router are hosed. The odd part is that the cable modem and all other aspects of the server are working fine, as are my television and cable TV box.

So, the plan is to make a trip to CompUSA Friday afternoon to pick up a new network card (assuming I can get one that’s Mac-compatible), a new router (good excuse to upgrade to WPA encryption), and a new UPS since my cable modem and router will now live in the closet where the cable comes in and ethernet distribution for the house is located, and the UPS I buy will have an RF pass-through to protect surges on the cable line.

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