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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Online Furniture—Never Again

See this?

Actually, I’d show you the lighter wood version, but Amazon’s picture link for it is broken.

In any case—don’t buy it…

Or any other furniture, for that matter, if it’s an online purchase.

I figured I’d give it a shot since this design (in the Maple version instead of the dark wood) suited exactly what I wanted for a new entertainment stand. I knew it was made of particleboard, but other items I’ve bought in this category used denser board. The stuff in this item is very course. I can pick out bits of board just by digging with my fingernail.

It also turns out that the space between the drawers and where the TV would sit isn’t wide enough for my center-channel speaker.

Neither of these concerns, though, are Amazon’s fault. Nor is the fact that the manufacturer very poorly packaged this thing. There the cardboard carton was minimally thick, and there was absolutely nothing between the stacked boards and the interior of the box, save for ridiculously thin strips of styrofoam at each end. All the boards were stacked together with nothing to protect them from rubbing/scratching against each other. No surprise that something managed to rip into the side of the box a little bit, creating a hole that also scraped the laminate on several of the boards. The entire box apparently flexed badly enough at one point to actually crack the laminate (though not the particleboard beneath) covering the longest board. The whole box had also visibly gone through the proverbial gauntlet, and it had also been dropped on at least one corner, badly bending/denting the corner of that same long board that had been cracked. UPS and/or any other shipping methods used by the manufacturer and/or Target (the affiliate store from which the purchase was made) are surely to blame for this damage.

The moral of the story is, I will never again buy anything online that isn’t easy enough to throw back into the shipping lanes if it needs to be returned. This 170 lb. sucker was a real beauty to send back!

Thus, my search for a new entertainment stand continues.

Update: Thankfully, Amazon fully refunded the furniture, including tax and shipping. Additionally, not only have I located a TV stand I like, turns out I like it even better and I’ve already got it home and put together. Of course, it’s enough more expensive that I’d better like it better!

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It’s worth the extra money for real wood, trust me!

» Posted by Queue
July 28, 2005 03:21 AM

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