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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Got My Priorities Straight

Got_my_priorities_straight.thumb.jpgA glimpse of my current environment is sure to draw a few chuckles. As you know, I’m in the process of moving from my apartment to a condo. Things are coming along for getting boxed up, but I haven’t yet reached the stage of being ready to transport items here yet. However, I had put in for Brighthouse’s earliest available slot to get my cable and internet service transferred, which means they needed my PVR cable box and my cable modem. Along with it, I grabbed my old (and tiny) monitor that I used to use back when I had a Commodore computer (amazing it still works and it’s about 20 years old), as well as my G4 tower that serves my photo albums, my wi-fi router, and my laptop.

So tonight, after I’d done as much packing as I cared to do today, I dashed into Publix to buy a sub, came back to the condo with it and my fold-up chair that lives in my car, and had my first meal in the new digs, complete with some TV and online presence!

I made a pretty awesome discovery two days ago. I didn’t initially realize that this condo is totally wired up. Some previous owner (someone before the person I bought the condo from) had installed a cable RF and ethernet patch panel in the closet of the guest bedroom that I’ll be using as an office. Those connections lead to two spots in the living room (on opposite walls), and one in each bedroom. In addition, the living room is all set up for my surround speakers—there are posts on each side of the living room where I can attach the wire out of my receiver/amp to the wall on one side, and the wires to my two rear speakers to the posts on the opposite wall!

For what it’s worth, this picture shows my little TV and cable box sitting on what will become the back wall—not the front. And clicking the picture will take you to my moblog to view the full-size version.

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I could have taken a picture like that but in reverse. I couldn’t get a timely hookup in my new house, so after I had everything moved out of my old house, all that was left was my server sitting on the floor of a bare room.

As for the wiring, I was able to have CAT5E run to every room in the house with a complete wiring closet where phone, cable, and network all meet in one place, tucked away in a nice in-wall box. There are advantages to having a house built to your own design!

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June 17, 2005 09:00 AM

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